Small Business Plans for Funding Requests

Download a free small business plan sample to simplify the creation of business start-up plans. Business owners can use this document to attract investors for funding.

Using a small business plan sample or template in the creation of financial plans and marketing plans helps prospective business owners analyze and document the information needed in business start-up plans. Downloading a free business plan example makes the process much easier than creating the document independently. Rather than attempting to identify necessary information, and determine which is important enough to include, start-up businesses can simply insert pertinent information into the template.

Planning for Small Business Start-up Loans

In order to get funding for a small business start-up, lenders require a well-crafted and comprehensive document called a business plan. This document contains a vast amount of detailed information about the business and helps lenders decide whether the business is likely to be able to repay start-up loan funds. Potential investors use the information in the plan to determine future profitability and the likely return on investment.

Information about the financial status of the business includes the cost of equipment, salaries of employees, and projected income and profit margins for at least the first year of operation. In addition to financial data, a small business start-up loan will require personnel information, particularly focused on key personnel, such as managers and executives. The previous experience and unique qualifications of these individuals will affect the profitability of the business and must be included in business start-up plans submitted to lenders and potential investors.

Using Free Business Plan Templates

While the entry of financial and personnel information may appear to be simple, there are many details involved in these sections, and others, which make creating a start-up plan for a small business extremely complex. In order to make the process easier, new businesses can use free business plan templates. These templates allow a prospective new business owner to create a start-up plan by following a step-by-step example, gathering the necessary information for each section as the previous section is completed. Rather than a need for administrative experience, the business owner simply needs to understand the industry they are attempting to break into, and the details about their specific endeavor.