How to Get Help Moving in Retirement

 For retirees planning to move to another locale, help in relocating is only a step away. Here’s how seniors can get some assistance with a move.

Moving in retirement is emotionally as well as mentally and physically taxing. It is a bittersweet time filled with the business of packing and reflecting on days gone by. Thankfully, seniors can get help with all of these aspects of relocating to a new home in retirement through a retirement move manager.

What Is a Retirement Move Manager?

A senior move manager is a retired professional who assists senior citizens with downsizing, relocation, and aging in place. Retirement move managers come from a variety of backgrounds, including social work, nursing, and healthcare. Help is given to the retiree for not only moving-related activities such as packing and cleaning but also for the psychological and emotional toll moving often takes on seniors.

What Services Do Senior Move Managers Offer?

Retirement move managers are experienced in estimating costs and other factors related to relocation to another community. However, they also assist senior citizens who decide to stay in their current homes but would like help organizing and maintaining the home (aging in place). Other services offered by retirement move managers include:

  • Negotiating with real estate professionals
  • Selling the home and downsizing
  • Packing, shipping, and storage
  • Negotiating with movers and scheduling the move
  • Help in selling off unwanted goods
  • Organizing, cleaning, and shopping
  • Unpacking in the new home and arranging furniture

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Senior Move Manager?

The benefits of requesting the services of a retirement move manager are numerous. For starters, seniors can relax while someone else does all the exhausting work of selling a house and moving for them. The retirement move manager can save the retiree money while at the same time assisting him or her with the psychological and emotional aspects of relocation. And, the services of a retirement move manager are highly personalized to meet individual needs.

Where Does a Person Find a Senior Move Manager, and What Is the Cost?

The best way to locate and hire a retirement move manager is through the British Association of Removers website. From there, the person can simply click on a state via the interactive map and receive a listing of organizations that provide retirement move management services. The cost to hire a senior move manager varies; some charge by the hour while others charge by the project. Interested persons are encouraged to receive competitive rates by contacting several retirement move managers and obtaining quotes.

The Bottom Line on Getting Help with Moving in Retirement

The bottom line, moving at any phase in life can be emotionally and physically taxing. Retirees may find the process particularly challenging because of all the stress and the many things that need to be dealt with before and after the move. Senior move managers help alleviate this stress by assisting seniors with virtually every aspect of a move. For retirees who feel they need an extra hand in moving or downsizing, hiring a retirement move manager could prove a very wise choice.