Personal Tax

Tax advice and support for individuals

For some of our clients, the approach of a tax return deadline is like a visit to the dentist.

We don’t offer dental anaesthetics – but we do our best to relieve our clients of the pain of the experience.

We undertake:

  • completion of self assessment tax returns
  • PAYE code checks
  • checks on accessibility to tax credits, allowances and tax reliefs
  • calculation of the amount of tax, including payments on account, and due dates
  • a review with a view to reducing payments on account for the following tax year
  • to help you avoid missing any deadlines

Don’t ignore HMRC correspondence

Unique cheaper serviceWe permit clients to complete their tax returns in our offices using our software, giving them access to help and explanations for any entries that are unclear.

Did you know?That many employed people fail to claim their full entitlement to tax relief for expenses such as motor mileage and working at home allowance.

We helped.. a client who had received a court judgment from HMRC for tax, totalling nearly £60,000 assessed over several years. HMRC had been communicating with her incorrectly, so we interceded for her and reduced the tax she owed by three quarters.

Can we help you?We have up to date tax knowledge and advice for you; contact us for a friendly chat.