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Tax planning, savings and wealth management for individuals

Efficient tax planning — early action

We can help you with one of the two of life’s certainties – taxation.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

This affects tax payable on death and on gifts bestowed during a lifetime. Gift taxing rules are complicated but there are a number of allowances that will help mitigate the effect of Inheritance Tax, which is why early attention is very important – starting with writing a Will correctly.

Estate planning

One needs a thorough knowledge of IHT regulations to increase what you can bequeath to family and friends: reducing the tax liability and considering other options. We can provide a financial overview of your circumstances and help you be more informed of options against tax implications. Where necessary, we will work with you and a complementary professional expert so that you benefit from the broadest professional opinion.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Wherever there is money, there are rules, and invariably CGT. We know our way around the rules, and can help you monitor the capital gains you’ve acquired in a financial year so that you can plan to minimise the tax due.

Savings and investment

We can advise you on the merits and caveats of bank accounts, national savings, bonds and gilts, property, equities and investment funds. We do not undertake investments on your behalf but offer you advice for sensible investing.

Savings — usually for specific needs — are immediately accessible funds in bank deposit accounts. Investments are long-term arrangements (normally five years) that yield higher returns but which are more volatile and risky. You have a variety of options available to exploit.

Financial advice — independent, impartial

Griffiths Preston does not sell financial products nor are we tied to product providers. Our service is advisory. We review your situation, consider your concerns and offer our advice and guidance on the best options to suit your particular needs. Griffiths Preston is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and as such, we work with highly reputable professional service partners.

Did you know?

If you have ever lived in a property that is now (or has been), let out, there are big savings on Capital Gains Tax, including exemption for any gain in the last three years of ownership.

We help

.. many clients who have portfolios of buy-to-let properties and ensure claims are made for the correct amount of expenditure.

Can we help you?

If we can help you with tax returns and advice on tax savings, investment or wealth management for individuals, contact us for a friendly chat.