Payroll & Preparing for Real Time Information (RTI)


RTI represents the biggest change in payroll since the introduction of PAYE in 1944.

Under RTI every employer will need to submit information about PAYE to HMRC every time a payroll is run and employees are paid.

Small to medium businesses will be legally required to report payroll information in real time from April 2013.

We are ready for the introduction of RTI and our Payroll software has already been approved by HMRC. In addition using Credec our BACS service, we will be able to provide the link between our Payroll software and the BACS service.

Managing payroll

Whether you run a small business with a few employees or employ staff at different levels on different packages, payroll is time-consuming, highly administrative and increasingly demanding.

We use our knowledge of your business operation to make sure your payroll system is best for what you do. Griffiths Preston uses Iris PAYE-Master and Sage Payroll to save you time and cost. The payroll team provides a fast, efficient, professional and confidential service that is tailored to your requirements for payroll deadlines, pay dates and reporting requirements.

Payroll service

There are many outsourcing advantages: peace of mind for the business owner that payroll is processed properly, office and overhead cost-efficiencies and management time. We provides a non-bureau, personalised service to ensure you get good value for money, giving you time to generate business.

BACS payment

Griffiths Preston helped develop and uses Credec, which has direct access to the BACS network for same day payroll payments and automation of monthly PAYE payments.

Payroll advice, support

Griffiths Preston can help you to comply with the ever-changing regulations applicable to employers and guide you on matters of redundancy, statutory maternity and paternity pay, sick pay, working family tax credits and national insurance contributions.

We can also file your Employer Annual Returns for P35 and P14 on your behalf

Did you know?

By October 2013 all payrolls will have to conform to new monthly filing rules in real time known as RTI. Using Credec our BACS service, we will be able to provide the link between our Payroll software and the BACS service.

Can we help you?

If you need help with P11D returns, NIC or help with structuring a payroll, contact us for a friendly chat.