Bookkeeping and business transaction records

It’s a statutory requirement for all businesses to keep a good set of books (from which accounts for tax returns to HMRC are drawn).

Bookkeeping service

Griffiths Preston can do your bookkeeping for you. Advantages to you are that we:

  • eliminate the need for software purchase and updating
  • remove the costs of employing a bookkeeper
  • free your own precious time
  • take away the need for sickness or holiday cover

We can outsource bookkeeping services to a reputable firm in Delhi, with near mother-tongue English usage, using a state-of-the-art, highly secured internet connection for scanned documentation, to offer you a highly cost-efficient bookkeeping service.

Griffiths Preston maintains full control over:

  • the flow of your documentation
  • how your chart of accounts is maintained
  • the filing of VAT returns
  • responsibility for finalising your monthly management and annual financial accounts

This enables you to benefit from low costs, quality of work and high levels of professional service.

Bookkeeping advice

If you prefer to keep your own books and transaction records but need guidance on any aspect of bookkeeping or you need appropriate software and training, let us help you.

Bookkeeping software

We are agents for both Quick Books and Sage, industry leading software packages, and we can help you purchase, install and use either. We also have advised and helped clients who use MYOB, Intact, Pegasus and the new ‘clouds’ package, Fusemetrix.

Bookkeeping options

We have four options to offer you:

  1. full bookkeeping service — day-to-day support — with the choice of a fully outsourced service to India
  2. partial service, quarterly — to exclude sales invoicing
  3. annual bookkeeping service — checking all transactions
  4. VAT returns only

Did you know?

Increasingly, HMRC wants to see evidence that a company’s books are being properly maintained.

Can we help you?

If we can help you with this routine, but time-consuming, task – contact us for a friendly chat.